Sunday, November 13, 2011

More on Rio de Janeiro

In the past I have covered some of the events in Rio de Janeiro in which the government is trying to clean up the shanty towns (favelas in Portuguese). This morning I ran across another article about more recent events, specifically that the first person from the press has died. The scale of this war against the drug gangs is huge, and as the article points out it is surprising this has not happened before.

Certain areas of Rio are dangerous just because of stray bullets. Brazilian press is prohibited from wearing bulletproof vests1.
On Wednesday night authorities landed an early blow, arresting the favela's drug boss, 35-year-old Antonio Bonfim Lopes, as he attempted to flee inside a car boot. Lopes – Rio's most wanted man – was accompanied by two men claiming to be Congolese diplomats.
Life and death in Rio's drug wars at The Guardian
1. Though I think I have seen reporters wearing the vests in coverage from the first incursion which I wrote about.

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  1. Very touching. Always a shame that the innocent so often pay the ultimate price while the perps get away with ... murder.